In Memoriam Book

In Memoriam Book as of November 14, 2023

Memorial DoveNOW AVAILABLE:  “In Memoriam”.  Another way to remember our deceased sisters and brothers.  Memorial donations may be made to St. Kevin’s Parish on behalf of a deceased person whom you wish to enroll in our “In Memoriam” book.

Those enrolled will have their names entered into the book which has been placed in a designated location in the Narthex of both our worship sites.  These are the names of those currently enrolled (newest names are added to end of list):

Names of Those Enrolled

During the month of November, the books will be placed before the Altar, and all Masses will include them as part of the offering.   Cards are now available at both our worship sites which you can use to submit the name of a loved one.

Or, if you wish, simply print out this form In Memoriam Donation and bring or mail it to the Parish office.