Pastoral Council

As of January 1, 2023, the members of our Parish Pastoral Council are:

St. Kevin’s Site:

Teresa Cloutier, Ann Marie Duff, Deacon Gord Jenkinson, Pat Hinds and Denise Waltenbury.

Our Lady of Peace Site:

Bert D’Appolonia, Marlynn Paul and Jeannette Rainville, Gerry Regimbal .

In addition to the Pastor, currently Fr. Rex Lumine, membership of the PPC will consist of a maximum of 12 Parishioners, with 6 drawn from each worship site.  Terms will be for 3 years, renewable once.  Nominations for positions will be accepted each fall, if there are openings to be filled.  If there are more nominations than openings available, an election will be held at each respective worship site.  The model our Council will follow is what is known as the “Pastoral Instrument Model”.  We will meet 5 times every year, about every 8 weeks, in January, March, May, September and November.  Additional meetings will be scheduled as necessary.

The PPC, comprised of prudent and experienced parishioners, will serve the Parish by helping the Pastor to understand the important pastoral concerns of the Parish in order that he can make good decisions on the Parish’s behalf.  They will do this by studying and weighing those matters which concern the pastoral works of the Parish, and by proposing practical conclusions concerning them.  Important pastoral concerns may be brought forward by the Pastor or by any PPC member.

Every meeting will open with an Arise style prayer (Scriptural reflection), as we strive to root ourselves in the will of God.  Our meetings will be based on working towards consensus.  The Pastor will lead the meeting.  He will ensure an agenda has been sent out in a timely manner.  He will strive to elicit the input from all the members who wish to contribute their thoughts on any given topic.