Facilities Use – Covid 19

Restrictions For Groups that use the Church Halls during COVID-19

September 3, 2020

Now that the summer is behind us, and it is time for team leaders to organize meetings, you might need the hall at St. Kevin’s, or OLP in Capreol. We are happy that your organization is very much a part of our Parish and we do appreciate all your activities for our communities. As you might be thinking about using our facilities for the purpose of meetings, kindly follow these pandemic guidelines. 

  1. The Parish has taken all possible measures to ensure that the building is Covid19-free. However, this being a public place, everyone who enters the building must be aware of the possibility of contracting the Covid-19 virus and accept this risk. The Pandemic-guidelines issued by the government must be followed by everyone. 
  • The organizers of any event are responsible to properly sanitize the wash-room they use (toilet, sink and the door handles) at the end of their event.
  • The organizers must keep a record of all the attendees and their phone numbers. In the case that any of your attendees are diagnosed with Covid-19, it is the responsibility of the organizer to immediately inform the parish office/the pastor and to contact the attendees with this information. 
  • Keep the parish office informed every time you are arranging an event in the facility.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Rev. Fr. Jackson Arul, Pastor